Financial support of the School for the Blind in Guwahati

GIPP e.V. supports the work of the Venerini-sisters who provide a loving home and education for the blind children. Thus they get the chance decide about  their lives. Without the sisters these children would be forced by their families to go begging or they would spend their lives in the streets. 


Fundraising to provide grants for poor children at the Salvator School in Nagaon

GIPP e.V. supports children from poor families, who cannot afford tuition fees. The donations cover the cost for school materials, food, exam fees and the school uniforms. The monthly tuition fee is as high as the monthly wage of a day labourer in Assam. Without this grant the children would have to go to work.


Implementation of the deployment of volunteers for graduates at the Indian schools in cooperation with IN VIA Berlin

GIPP e.V. supports young Germans, who spend their "voluntary social year" at our Indian partnerschools. Der foundation cooperates with the  volunteer services IN VIA and the one run by the Salvatorians.

At the moment three graduates from German Salvator schools are working in Nagaon and Guwahati. Read their reports here.


Development of common projects at the German and Indian schools

GIPP e.V. supports the development of common teaching projects at German and Indian schools. By learning together and throughg personal contact the students develop an awareness for a cooperation as partners. Both sides get an insight into a foreign culture.


Organisation of the teachers' exchange between India and Germany

GIPP e.V. supports the exchange between German and Indian teachers. During mutual visits the projects are modified - if necessary - and teachers and students are motivated to continue working on them.